กิจกรรม Speech มัธยม

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Name of activity: Speech

Objective: By the end of the activity, trainees will be able to create an effective listening / speaking / writing activity for their own class.

Time:        30 minutes for experiencing the activities 30 minutes for the trainees’ creativity


  • 1) Observation on how well they do the activities
  • 2) Examination on qualities and practicality of their created activities    


  • 1. Have trainees work in groups, read the article do the activities as instructed

and give feedback on the activities.

  • 2. Reflect the steps of doing “Read and Do the activities” as integrated

activities of listening, speaking and writing including teacher’s roles and the students’ roles.

  • 3. Discuss how the activity can be applied to use with the trainees’ students.
  • 4. Link the discussion to applications to use to focus on listening, speaking and writing activities.
  • 5. Have the trainees create their own activities as instructed in “Created in Your Own Activity.”
  • 6. After their presentations to class for discussion, have them create their own activities.
  • 7. Have them share and exchange their ideas and work the next morning before regular sessions.




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