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บทอ่านภาษาอังกฤษ my best friend

Reading : My Best Friend

I have many friends, but I would have to say I have four best friends. These would be my mommy; my baby sister, and my grandparents.

I think that I have the greatest loving mother in the entire world! She is kind and loves both me and my baby sister. She works hard every day to bring food to our table and keep a roof over our head. She buys everything we need and sometimes if she has a dollar left we can get a treat.

She is always there when I need her and never ever tells my secrets! She is still my friend no matter what I do wrong and I can tell her anything. She will punish me for my wrong but at the same time, she will embrace me with her love. I know she will always be there when my other friends will not.

My sister is a little young but I know we are going to be close and I will always look out for her. She too will be there when no one else is, and so will my grandparents. We are all very close and cherish our time together.

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