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Easy Reading: My Free Time

In my free time, I like to roam the farm to see what I can discover new. I like to look for eggs that hens may not have laid in the proper nesting area. Sometimes I discover things I wish I had seen in a distance, such as a momma hen with babies. They always seem to keep me running in horrific fear when they cackle loud and spread their wings to flag my head!

I also like to read in my free time. I read all kinds of books, but mostly non-fiction. I like magazines with farming stories and produce contest and I also read the bible with my granddaddy, but sometimes the words are way too hard and granddaddy has to explain to me what I just read.

My favorite thing to do in my free time is spending time with my baby sister and my mommy. They are fun to be with and my mommy does things with my sister and me as much as she can. It is hard sometimes for the both of us to have free time so we can all spend together. What can I say? I value my family.

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