All Present Tenses : Exercise

I usually _____ breakfast at home with my family.

Tom likes golf. He _____ golf every day?

I _____ my friend in London next week.

It _____ right now. I can’t go out.

Jo often _____ TV in the evening and does homework at night.

My dad _____ a newspaper since 10 o’clock.

They _____ in the pool at the moment.

My baby _____ in his bedroom. Please be quiet.

My family _____ here since 1987.

I _____ my homework, so I can watch TV.

They _____ for 2 hours. They are very tired.

That is my friend. She _____ from England. She is a student.

Jane _____ her bedroom for 3 hours.

My son always _____ to school by bike. He likes cycling.

Somchai is a doctor. He _____ at Bangkok Hospital.

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