How Family – Exercise


    _____money do you have? I have 100 dollars.

    _____is the Nile River? About 6,650 kilometers

    _____ is that car? It's about 12,000 dollars.

    _____ do you get up late? I never get up late.

    _____is the Great Wall of China? About 8,851 kilometers.

    _____ is that building? I have no idea.

    _____ is Mount Everest? About 8,848 meters.

    _____ will you stay here? Three weeks.

    ____ tigers can you see? I can see ten tigers.

    _____ is the market from here? About two minutes walk.

    _____ is Jim? About five feet.

    _____is your brother? He is sixteen.

    _____brothers do you have? I have two brothers.

    _____milk do you drink a day? Three glasses.

    _____ do you clean the room? Everyday.

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