Past Tenses : Exercise

You were watching TV while we _____ dinner.

The light went out after we _____ breakfast.

They _____ the classroom when we got to school.

Last Christmas I _____ you my heart.

We _____ dinner before we went to the party.

Mr John _____ in this town for 10 years before he went back to London.

Sam ____ here yesterday

I _____ to Hong Kong 10 years ago.

It ____ to rain while we were playing football.

She _____ a tall man while she was walking to school.

The light went out while we _____ dinner.

They had gone home when we _____ to the airport.

They _____ for us for one hour by the time we arrived.

I heard a boy crying while I _____ a horror movie.

I took a bath, cleaned my face and _____ dressed.

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