Present Simple Tense 1 – Exercise


    A cat sometimes _____ (cry) when it is hungry.

    He _____ (wash) his car every day.

    She _____ (have) dinner with her friends every Sunday.

    Jame _____ (teach) science and math.

    He never _____ (buy) fruit from the market.

    Jo usually _____(do) homework after dinner.

    It usually ____ (start) to snow on November.

    She always_____ (study) math in the morning.

    You always _____ (help) me clean the room.

    That bird_____ (fly) very high.

    We seldom _____ (play) football after school.

    My sister and her friend never _____ (watch) TV in the evening.

    We never _____ (drink) coffee in the morning.

    They sometimes _____ (do) homework at school.

    They seldom _____ (take) a bath after dinner.

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