Wh Questions – Exercise

_____ car is that? That's my car.

_____ is this train? About two hundred meters.

_____ are you going? To the post office.

_____ is your father? He's 50.

_____ is the post office? About 1 kilometer.

_____ people are there in your family? Five people.

_____ is that Big Ben? About 96 metres

_____ do you have in your bag? It's a book.

_____is that girl? That is my friend, Jane.

_____ are you doing? I'm OK, thanks.

_____ do you go shopping? Every Sunday.

_____ is she crying? She wants a doll.

____ is your birthday? It's in June.

_____ is that shirt? It's 100 dollars.

_____ is Mount Fuji? About 3,776 meters.

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