When Why How – Exercise

_____ are you today? I'm OK, thanks.

_____is your birthday? It's in June.

_____do we have to go now? We will be late.

I don't understand _____ you don't drink milk.

Don't forget to close the door _______ you go out.

I don't know _____ to ride a bike.

_____ do I live without you? I want to know.

Can you tell me _____ to get to the police station?

_____will you go to Japan? Next week.

_____ do you go to school? I go to school by bus.

_____will you come back? I'll come back tomorrow.

_____did you eat my banana? I was hungry.

That's the reason _____ she can't swim.

_____ are you crying, honey? My leg hurts.

Dad came home _____ we were having dinner.

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