Who What Where – Exercise


    _____do you live? I live in Bangkok.

    Money is not _____ I'm looking for.

    _____is that man? - He is my friend.

    _____is your name? I'm Jane Black.

    That is the boy_____ate my cake.

    _____is your book? - It's on the table.

    _____is sitting over there. That's the manager.

    I don't know _______ she is going.

    _____are they? - They are my classmates.

    _____is she from? She's from Thailand.

    Do you know _____ I want? All I want is love.

    _____is the longest river? The Nile.

    I know _____ they are. - They are in the room.

    _____is in the tree? It's a bird.

    I don't know _____they are. They are not my students.

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