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My Town

I live in a small farmland town that has cattle all over the place. Sometimes you can see fields with goats, sheep, and horses; but mostly there are cows. My town is known for its cattle production of meat and milk.

Another famous thing my town is agricultural produce. Just about everyone here likes to garden. I am not talking about a little one in your yard; I am talking about fields of fruits and vegetables! When you garden you have to get the tractor and pack your lunch because you will be gone a long time.

Another major thing in my town is tobacco. Many farmers including my granddaddy raise tobacco. This is usually a very large crop, with fields of tobacco seem to never end. Tobacco fields are as long as far as your eyes can see.

Like I said my town is small when it comes to the stores to shop at. We have two gas stations, a farmer market, two restaurants, a farm supply store, one doctor office and a Post office. If you really need to shop then you will have to go to the next town over.

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